About Us

Learn more about our accreditation and our approach to safety and privacy

Drones are changing the world.

SEQ Aerial Inspections (SEQAI) is a Brisbane based drone company with a passion for this revolutionary technology.

With applications across multiple industries we can provide the solution for all requirements in film & television, construction, real estate, events management and more.

With our drones requiring only a single operator, our systems are fully transportable and designed to be taken where you need them most.

Our drone operators are passionate about more than just technology...cinematography plays an important role in getting the right mix of footage and crafting it into a final composition with the perfect background music.

Our goal is to help our clients take advantage of every resource available and bring their project to a new level with aerial video capturing stunning views from strategic vantage points or whatever project they are working on.

CASA >2kg commercial division

CASA Accreditation

All our pilots are accredited with the Civil Aviation Authority. We keep abreast of current regulations and bring professionalism and safety to every project.

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Keeping up with Technology

Drone technology is evolving. Our pilots are always flying and keeping up with the latest technologies so as to best capture and create our clients vision.

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Safety and Insurance

Safety is an important aspect of any flight technology. Safety of the operator as well as those in and around the flight path.

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Ensuring individual privacy is maintained is important to us. We are particularly sensitive to public concern regarding the use of any video equipment around children.


The Civil Aviation Safety Authority regulates the safety of all recreational and commercial unmanned flight. They require all commercial UAV operators to undertake accreditation. All SEQAI pilots and operators are highly experienced, Licensed and Accredited with an uncompromising attention to safety.

Keeping up with Technology

As with any new technology there are constant improvements being made. The size, range, manoeuvrability and image quality are always improving. We have some of the most recent drones as well as hand held gimbal and 360° action cameras. Our operators are always training in different locations and times of day to improve their flight skills but also to develop their creative skills at capturing the right moments from the best angles.

Safety and Insurance

A key component of our training is fight safety. Our drones are equipped with safety features that ensure they hover at a fixed point if they lose communication with the operator. We choose safe landing places away from crowded areas even if this means flying several kilometers to our video location. Our drones are maintained and our batteries are regularly check and replaced on schedule. As unforeseen events do occur we are also insured.


Privacy is a particularly important issue for us all.

Often when you see us we are most likely travelling from a clear landing site to our project location. For safety reasons we most often try to take off from clear spaces such as car parks, sporting fields or parks. We try to pick locations that are not near facilities where there are children. We try to alert people locally to our activity so they understand what we are doing and are not trying to intrude. While we are travelling to location we are not filming.